The Sanctuary

At The Printhouse we've been developing a prayer space that we've really been looking forward to opening up and offering to the city. We'd love to see people that live or work in the city centre, or those happy to travel from further afield, use the space to pray in, by night and by day. 

The Sanctuary of the Bible is the place where God dwelt. It was a place of devotion, a place of worship, a refuge, a place of hope, as a shadow of what was to come and a witness to the nations.

In Ezekiel 47, the water flows out from the sanctuary and becomes a river that turns salt water fresh so that it teems with abundant life and nourishes the trees on its banks so that they produce fruit every month and their leaves bring healing.

We want this vision to inspire our prayer for the city from within the city; that it would be the kind of prayer that brings transformation to the people, communities and even to the nations which are represented in this city.