Life Transformation

"I have come to give life and life in all its fullness." Words spoken by Jesus, as recorded in the book of John.

At our core, St Philip's church family is all about lives being transformed. It's the thing we pursue the most because we believe it is the thing that Jesus pursues the most. In fact, we think real life transformation is the only thing Jesus came to bring! We're passionate about life and believe Jesus can help you live life in a full and free way!

Life Transformation Groups

We believe that real life transformation happens through relationships. As a church, one of the primary ways we share the deep journey of life transformation is through Life Transformation Groups. These are small, single gender groups of 2 or 3 people who meet together for an hour or so every week to talk about the real stuff of life. They provide the context for learning from the ways of Jesus and living the words of Jesus.

In these groups, we try to do the things that people have done through the centuries to help them be changed by the power of Jesus. These groups are founded on a commitment to sharing about our lives in an open, honest and transparent way. Transformation never happens without being real. These groups meet to pray, feed back on shared Bible reading and commit to acting on what they are learning about the ways of Jesus. If you’d like to connect with one of these groups, then speak to one of the community leaders.